Retailers in Sweden report that about 80 percent of all dog owners use Bia bed for their dog. We have gathered feedback from some users of Bia beds.

  • Hundskolan in Sollefteå trains dogs to help visually impaired people. Most dogs come with a Bia bed.
  • The Swedish military believes that a properly designed sleeping ground will make a dog last longer in active service.
  • Hundstallet takes care of and rehabilitates dogs in need of rearrangements , they have an average of about 20 dogs and know what is required of a durable dog bed.
  • Researcher Lars Fält explains how wild wolves designes their sleeping grounds in nature.

Hundstallet in Stockholm

Hundstallet is run by Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen, a nonprofit organization with nearly 6,000 members throughout Sweden. Hundstallet was founded 1908 and has since then helped tens of thousands of dogs. Its main task is to take care of the dogs that the police or other authorities have taken into custody while waiting for another placement.

The stables dog handler says; “It is important for us to create a safe environment for the dogs during their stay with us. To give each dog the opportunity for a cozy, comfortable and pleasant place to be on is a priority. Therefore, we are pleased to provide each dog a separate Bia bed in his box! “

The Defence service dogs

Major Lennart Wetterholm at the Swedish military headquarters in Stockholm, is responsible for the defense service dogs for more than 30 years:

“I use Bia bed to all my dogs. It began when I first got a Bia bed in the house. The dog immediately sought it out by himself and loved to sleep in it. I have tested this in many other dogs and they choose Bia naturally as a sleeping place.

Bia bed is designed so that the dog really likes it and and since it offers good support and is soft – the dog gets no sleeping damage. Bia bed is also tremendously durable and easy to clean. Other beds that I’ve tested has not had anywhere near the same durability. But my main argument for using Bia bed is that the dog feel comfortable and sleep very good in the Bia.

I think it is important that the dog has a properly designed sleeping ground to really rest when it is free and I see that the dog will last longer in active service with the right equipment. “

Hundskolan i Sollefteå

Dressage Champion Lars-Erik Westerlund has been working at Hundskolan in Sollefteå since 1957. “There are many who quite wrongly believe that dogs do not need a pillow, but thats exactly what they need. That’s what’s so great about Bia bed when the dog is in the Bia, the edges work both as a pillow while the dog gets back support.

I myself have an old greyhound at home and he is in favor of my Bia Bed for which he both supports your back and can rest his head. But he is not alone in the bed. I have two dogs and a cat bickering about it. Dogs must move to the side when the cat comes and it happens sometimes in the mornings the cat is in the Bia and the dogs on the floor next to it … “

Animal behavior

Lars Fält has a file. lic. in zoology and ethology (the science of animal behavior, bio-behavioral research). He previously worked at Stockholm University and is now a freelance researcher and lecturer.

“One can see the obvious similarities between wolves and wild dogs’ way to design his bed and how Bia Bed is designed. For example, when the wolves rest they often place their heads high on a tree root when they want to keep track of what the rest of the pack does. When they want to be at peace they curl up, like a ball. The Bia Bed meets both of these requirements. It’s just a little softer than the opportunities that nature offers …

For adult dogs and young dogs the Bia Bed is clearly very good. It is found in many homes and I see it almost everywhere. The dogs are in it as intended. Even when the dogs can choose the sofa or their owners bed they choose Bia Bed. It is the most important parameter for the functionality of the bed, I think. “

Veterinary association

Ida Lindgren, General at the student union building for veterinary students:

“In Uppsala, where the education is located, we own our own student union building since 1991. Here the students spend time every day for lunches, activities, and events.

The student union building is not only used by us students, but also of our dogs. Us veterinary students belong to a highly dog populated crowd and during our long days it is nice that our dogs can accompany us during the time we spend in the student union building.

We are obviously keen that even the dogs thrive here. We want to make it convenient for all the dogs that are staying in the student union building and Bia Bed matches our needs perfectly. All dogs appreciate them. The fact that they are durable is a big plus given how well used they are with us! ”